The sculpture of Ashtamudi Lake – My idea becomes a reality.

"The beauty and strength of any sculpture depends on the medium used to create it. The material I have used to create the sculpture of this lake includes 2156 photographs. Consisting of the depth, breadth, life, pulse and beauty of the lake.

The Ashtamudi Lake is one which has exerted strong influence in the artistic, cultural and revolutionary spheres of Kerala. The lake which in itself is a fusion of eight small lakes compared with other lakes amazes the onlooker by its lurning beauty.

The selected 2156 photographs are a collection of my experiences through the shore and water of the Ashtamudi Lake. This sculpture is my pilgrimage through the greate Ashtamudi lake.

By the term ‘Sculpture’ what I mean here is not a small three dimensional form as thought of by ordinary people. It is a sculpture of a three dimensional nature of a big lake and its surroundings landscape being the all in all if a culture, a country and a people. It is an ultra modern version of installation sculpture."

Eight Faces of Ashtamudi Lake :-
1. Thevally Lake
Thevally lake is the famous lake at the north end of the Ashtamudi lake. The Thevally Palace, the summer shelter of the Deshinganad Kings is situated on the banks of this lake. At the eastern end of it stands the Ashramam Sree Krishnaswamy Temple. The Thevally Bridge which connects the Anchalummood, Kadavoor areas is across this lake. On its northern bank is situated the Kadavoor church and on the southern bank the Thevally Palace Complex. It connects the natural waterway Kollamthodu with Ashtamudi lake.
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2. Kandachira Lake
Kandachira lake is that part of the Ashtamudi lake to the north-eastern side of the Thevally lake. To the east of this lake is Mangadu and to its north-west lies Anchalummood and Kadavoor. The famous Sree Mahadeva Temple at Kadavoor is on the western shore of this lake. It is through this lake that the ‘Nedumkuthira’ (Eduppukuthira) is brought to the ‘Kuthirakkada’, the temple shore by boats.
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3. Kureepuzha Lake
Kureepuzha lake is the part of the Ashtamudi lake that envelopes the sub-island Kureepuzha. It is in the north western side of the Thevally lake. Along its south western side lies boat bays ranging from Thoppilkadavu to Kavanad and to its north western side lies bays from Olikkara to Sambranikkodi.
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4. Thekkumbhagam Lake
It is the part of the Ashtamudi lake which envelopes Thekkumbhagam, the biggest island of the Ashtamudi lake. It ranges from Neendakara to Dalavapuram. The Dalavapuram and Pavumpa bridges connect the island with the mainland. Areas from Prakkulam to Ashtamudi and Pavumpa to Neendakara surround this lake. ‘Ashtamudi’ where the onlyVeerabhadra Temple of Kerala is situated lies to the north-eastern shore of this lake. This is the only region on the shore of the lake that has got the name of the ‘Ashtamudi lake’. The region is known as “The heart of Ashtamudi”. The national water-way to the north of Kollam starts from this lake.
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5. Kallada Lake
Kallada lake is the part pf the Ashtamudi lake that touches the basin of the Kalladayar. It is known as Kallada Lake since it lies close to the Kalladayar. The Kallada lake is one of the most beautiful portions of the Ashtamudi lake. It includes a group of beautiful islands like Munrothuruth, Pattam thuruth, Neettum thuruth etc.
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6. Perumon Lake
Perumon lake is the part of the Ashtamudi lake which spreads between Perumon and Pezhumthuruth. The Perumon bridge connects Perumon and Pezhumthuruthu. From the bridge can be seen the beautiful Palliyamthuruth island to the east and Ashtamudi to the west.
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7. Kumbalathu Lake
Kumbalath lake is the part of the Ashtamudi lake which flows between the north part of the sub-island Padappakkara and northern part of East Kallada. Kumbalam, Nellimukkum, Valathil Mannukadavu bays are on this lake.
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8. Kanjirottu Lake

Kanjirottu lake is the part of the Ashtamudi Lake to the South of the sub-island Padappakkara. It is the deepest part of the Ashtamudi lake. To its west lies Perumon lake and Perumon bridge and to its south east Kundara, the place of the historic ‘Kundara Proclamation’

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bridgeico  The bridges of the Ashtamudi Lake

There are several bridges across this lake connecting its banks and its lslands together and the banks to the islands. They are Neendakara Bridge, Dalavapuram bridge, Pavumpa bridge, Perumon bridge, Pezhumthuruth bridge, Thevally bridge etc. There are many islands on this lake inhabited by people. The bridges have played a great role in the social and educational progress of the people of the islands as with the people of an main land.

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island_icon  The Islands of the Ashtamudi Lake

The islands of the Ashtamudi lake are among the major factors which contribute to the beauty of the lake. There are big as well as small islands which are inhabited and uninhabitated by human beings. The remarkable islands include Munrothuruth, Pezhumthuruth, Pattamthuruth, Neettum thuruth, Puthenthuruth, Poothuruth, Pannaykkathuruth, Veluthuruth, Neeleswaram thuruth, Palliyam thuruthu etc.

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