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Active Artist Directory





Sculptor :
Guruprasad Ayyappan

Dream Nagar:148
Ramankulangara West
Kerala , India .
Pincode : 691003
+91 9446558665

Active Artist Directory is an association of active artists.All active artists irrespective of the limitations of place and time are welcome to this association.The Active Artist directory aims at an international community of active artists in the relevant sphere.Though preference is given to Painters and Sculptors,doors are wide open to artists in other spheres too.

Quite aware of the fact that the aim of all art forms is the same,the Active Artist Directory is always willing to include all the sixty four art forms based on tradition and its followers. Active Artist Directoy directory welcomes only active artists that it very much aims at keeping the different forms of art active and lively.

It is beyond doubt that the directory will bring artists together and enable lovers of art to spot them and provide them ample opportunities. The directory is devised as in a way that active artists themselves shall update their biodata without remittance of fees of any kind for membership of the same. It is humbly requested to co-operate with us with the awareness that love of society and welfare of fellow beings are the prime concern of the artist.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Artists using the Active Artist Directory shall be active in the respective sphere.
  2. The address,mobile number,email,website etc provided in the Active Artist Directory shall be in current use.
  3. Artists using the Active Artist Directory shall update their present status once in every three months.
  4. In cases where the page is not updated timely and there is no response to the reminders received the page shall be deleted from Active Artist Directory.
  5. To use the pages of the Active Artist Directory there shall be no fees of any kind and if any such case is detected the matter shall be intimated without delay.
  6. The growth,widening and strengthening of the Active Artist Directory shall be the responsibility of every member and towards this every member shall invite other artists actively engaged in the respective field of art.
  7. Every member shall for himself be aware of the fact that the ultimate goal of any art form is the love of society and its cultural enrichment.
  8. No member shall stand in the way or hinder the independent,smooth and free functioning of the Active Artist Directory.
  9. The ideas and principles as envisaged in the Active Artist Directory shall not be imitated in anyway.Imitation of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  10. The transparency and integrity of the Active Artist Directory as laid in the terms and conditions shall not be violated by the artists using the pages at any cost.